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If you think of the Bible as one big story, then Christ’s Crucifixion is certainly at the center of the climax. Much of the Old Testament points to humanity’s need for a savior, and most of the New Testament reflects on how believers should conduct themselves in light of Jesus’ message. As the center of all Christian doctrine, the cross is surrounded by powerful themes, centuries of divine planning, and an earth-shaking change to the status quo of our relationship with God.

Join ISOW President Dr. Bryan Cutshall and ISOW instructor Matthew Foley on a comprehensive look at Christ’s Journey to the Cross – from before He was born to the impact His life made on the world.

Dates & Times:

Wednesday, March 29, 2023 – 9:30 am – 4:30 pm ET

  1. He Is Coming (Messianic Prophecies) – Dr. Bryan Cutshall
  2. He Is Here – Matthew Foley
  3. His Public Ministry (Teachings and Miracles) – Dr. Bryan Cutshall
  4. His Controversies (Why the Jews Hated Him) – Matthew Foley
  5. His Rejections – Dr. Bryan Cutshall
  6. The Plot to Kill Jesus – Matthew Foley


Thursday, March 30, 2023 – 9:30 am – 4:30 pm ET

  1. Triumphant Entry (Donkeys and the Temple) – Dr. Bryan Cutshall
  2. Christ Prophesies the End – Matthew Foley
  3. Last Supper and Garden of Gethsemane – Matthew Foley
  4. Seven Places Jesus Shed His Blood – Dr. Bryan Cutshall
  5. Characters of the Cross – Dr. Bryan Cutshall
  6. The Cross and Resurrection – Dr. Bryan Cutshall

About the Teachers:

Dr. Bryan Cutshall
ISOW President


A practitioner at heart, Dr. Bryan Cutshall is the President of ISOW. He received the call to preach at 17. Upon completing his Bachelor’s through Lee University in Cleveland, TN, he moved on to complete his Doctoral degree by the age of 29 through  studies at Covenant Theological Seminary and International Theological Seminary. Dr. Cutshall served as Lead Pastor for Twin River Worship Center in St. Louis, Mo, for 27 years, growing the church from 50 congregants to over 3,000. Dr. Cutshall has led over 30 mission trips and served on numerous boards. He is a published author who has written a plethora of books and church training manuals. In addition, he is the President/Founder of Church Trainer, Inc which trains and equips thousands of church pastors and leaders worldwide. He and his wife, Faith, are celebrating 40 years of marriage this year. His entire family has spent their lives in ministry to the Lord. Their two daughters and sons-in-laws serve full-time in ministry. Bryan and Faith are the proud grandparents of five beautiful granddaughters.

Matthew Foley grew up in Tuscaloosa, Alabama in a Spirit-filled household. From a young age, the Lord gave him an interest in God’s Word, the end-times, and theology. During family gatherings he would spend hours talking with his grandparents about the Lord’s return. As he came into his teenage years, he developed a strong interest in theology and better understanding God’s Word and His people. Being involved in church ministry, Matthew was preparing to serve God’s people. After discovering Perry Stone’s ministry in 2012, he was drawn to come to Cleveland, TN. There, he learned about local Lee University, a leading Church of God institution; he enrolled and eventually earned a bachelor’s degree in Theology with a minor in biblical languages, including Hebrew and Greek. During Matthew’s freshman year in college, Bryan Cutshall, the president of ISOW, called him out of a crowd to do voiceover work for ISOW. Two years later, Matthew began this work and soon afterward was asked to assist the Editor, Matt Herr, in research and writing. By request from Dr. Cutshall, in January 2020, Matthew taught his first course for ISOW and has been a contributor to ISOW’s content for multiple teachings since then. Matthew and his wife Kayla, who were recently married in 2021, live to serve the Lord and their community. Their passion is to see God’s presence rest among His people and His people ready to receive Him and do His work! They believe that a stable and joyful family strengthens the church to encourage its community.

Matthew Foley
ISOW Instructor


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In any deep study of Scripture, God’s handiwork as a master storyteller and composer emerges from the deeply complex patterns of the Bible. Spanning many centuries and many authors, God’s Word is packed full of rich mysteries that only become clear and consistent with the whole context of the Bible in mind. His divine signature is evident in the way the Bible repeats the same messages and concepts through vastly different circumstances in the history of the patriarchs, Israel, and the apostles…READ MORE