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Join ISOW President Dr. Bryan Cutshall and Matthew Foley on an incredible expository study of the book of 1 Corinthians. As part of ISOW’s series of in-depth studies on every book of the Bible, this course provides expert teaching on the history, context, and intent of the epistle.

1 Corinthians is one of many correspondences between the Apostle Paul and the church of Corinth, and of course the first of two of these letters canonized in Scripture. It is the longest of Paul’s epistles and packed full of vital doctrine that still shapes Christian life today. As one of the most influential geographical regions of the time period, Corinth was of particular interest to Paul. He was deeply concerned with the immorality and paganism of the city, and he faced a huge challenge in confronting these sins within a prosperous and powerful group of people that had grown comfortable and complacent in their sin. As a result, 1 Corinthians is filled with guidance that’s never been more relevant in the western world.