We recommend taking Hebraic Roots: In the Beginning before taking this course to get a better understanding of the material.

To get the best experience in the Hebraic Roots Torah courses, we recommend the following sequence, since some of the courses build upon the other:

  1. Hebraic Roots: In the Beginning
  2. Hebraic Roots: Genesis
  3. Hebraic Roots: Exodus
  4. Hebraic Roots: Leviticus
  5. Hebraic Roots: Numbers
  6. Hebraic Roots: Deuteronomy

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International teacher and author Bill Cloud will teach you in this fascinating study of the book of Leviticus from a Hebraic messianic perspective. You will learn about the purpose of the sanctuary, the role of the sacrifices, the types of offerings, the purpose of the urim and thummin, and much more. Mr. Cloud will also take you through various Hebrew word studies in this book, which illuminate your understanding of the text.

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