Hebraic Roots: Leviticus

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We recommend taking Hebraic Roots: In the Beginning before taking this course to get a better understanding of the material.

To get the best experience in the Hebraic Roots Torah courses, we recommend the following sequence, since some of the courses build upon the other:

  1. Hebraic Roots: In the Beginning
  2. Hebraic Roots: Genesis
  3. Hebraic Roots: Exodus
  4. Hebraic Roots: Leviticus
  5. Hebraic Roots: Numbers
  6. Hebraic Roots: Deuteronomy

Leviticus is believed to have been written by Moses. God’s promises to Moses in the books of Genesis and Exodus brought the nation of Israel into fruition. The Israelites had gone through many cycles of trusting God, and then breaking His trust and walking outside of His will. The book of Leviticus is God’s “instruction manual” for the people of Israel, as well as for today’s Christian, and was meant to guide them in how they should show obedience to Him through sacrifice and tangible acts of worship. Exodus established Israel as a holy nation, and Leviticus showed them how to retain that holy mantle.

This course contains 10 lessons.

Introduction to The Book of Leviticus

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