Book of Esther

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This book is entirely unique for a number of reasons, and many rabbis place it second in importance only to the Torah. From a western perspective, many believers tend to view this book merely as the origin of Purim and a story with a moral about faith in God’s protection. Modern depictions show Esther as a queen who won a romantic beauty pageant to be chosen by a king. In truth, this book is packed with hidden meaning, dangerous political intrigue, fascinating historical connections to well-known world events, and a prophetic message for the last days. Join instructor Shonna Dalusong for a deep-dive in an epic narrative journey.
Course Lessons
  • 01- Introduction| Historical Context
  • 02- Chapter 1 | Feasting Fallout
  • 03- Chapter 2 | Fool vs Father
  • 04- Chapter 2 | Favor and a Feast
  • 05- Chapters 2-3 | Promotion and Plotting
  • 06- Chapters 3-4 | Fear and Fasting
  • 07- Chapters 5-6 | Suspense and Suspicion
  • 08- Chapters 7-8 | Deft Diplomacy and Extraordinary Danger
  • 09- Chapters 8-9 | Plunder and Purim
  • 10- Chapters 9-10 | Speaking Peacefully