Book of Joel

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In this course, Dr. Bryan Cutshall examines the book of Joel on its deepest levels, with expert teaching on the history, context, and intent of the book. The book of Joel opens with a locust invasion that prophesies the destruction of Jerusalem, but in the midst of devastation, God calls for revival. The book of Joel ends with revival and the restoration of Jerusalem. Joel is ultimately a book of hope. Join Dr. Cutshall as he explains the prophecies of Joel, detailing how some of them have come to pass and what that means about other prophecies. Read Joel like you never have before.

This course contains 6 lessons.

Course Lessons
  • Lesson One – Introduction to Minor Prophets
  • Lesson Two – Introduction
  • Lesson Three – Chapter One
  • Lesson Four – Chapter Two Part One
  • Lesson Five – Chapter Two Part Two
  • Lesson Six – Chapter Three

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