Women in Ministry – Pre-Sale



Join ISOW for our first exclusive teaching on Women in Ministry! As barriers lift and cultures shift, it’s vital for domestic as well as international students to hear from influential women of God and learn from their perspectives. The New Testament saw an increased prevalence of women in leadership positions in the church, and that trend continues even today. Join pastors Christy Sawyer, Dawn Lipsey, Mia Pittman-Head, and Sandra Kay Williams as they delve into such topics as balancing marriage, motherhood, ministry, and career, important female figures in Scripture and what we can learn from their stories, women in Pentecostal theology, and much more.

Preorder the ISOW course for this teaching! All of our live teaching conferences are developed and converted into ISOW courses after filming. It takes some time to edit them into our format, create outlines, and write quizzes, but we publish them on as soon as possible! Now, we’re offering students the opportunity to preorder our courses! Order now and you can help us fund the development of our content and get access to the complete course as soon as it’s available.

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