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In any deep study of Scripture, God’s handiwork as a master storyteller and composer emerges from the deeply complex patterns of the Bible. Spanning many centuries and many authors, God’s Word is packed full of rich mysteries that only become clear and consistent with the whole context of the Bible in mind. His divine signature is evident in the way the Bible repeats the same messages and concepts through vastly different circumstances in the history of the patriarchs, Israel, and the apostles. Types and shadows appear constantly in Scripture, each reflecting deeper concepts and foreshadowing future events. Join Dr. Bryan Cutshall, President of ISOW, as well as world-renowned prophecy teachers Perry Stone and Bill Cloud as they delve into the topic of types and shadows from every angle. If you’ve ever felt like you were missing the real meaning of certain Scripture passages, this teaching will give you the tools to understand the beautiful tapestry of prophecy, parable, history, and mystery that the Lord has so meticulously crafted.

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