You see it in movies, hear it in songs, read about it on social media – everyone is different, and that’s okay. You can find happiness in your own way. You’re just fine the way you are. You don’t need to change to conform to anyone’s standards. Express yourself and do what makes you happy, and it will be for the best. Live your truth.

Like many of the world’s messages, there is some truth in all of that. We are all different. Culture can be restrictive and harmful to people with different perspectives. Subjective experience can impact the way we act and the way we see things – but, like all secular messages, this attitude is also profoundly short of the mark.

If you tell someone who is suffering through the cares and tragedies of this world that they are just fine the way they are, what does that do? What must it be like to hear that your limited understanding of the universe is as good as it gets, that there is no objective truth to hold onto? No matter how much Hollywood and postmodernist culture tell young people that their truth is right and that they don’t need to change, they can see the fruit of worldly lifestyles every day.

The simple fact is, no one is fine the way they are, and no one’s subjective “truth” is sufficient. We have all sinned and fall short of the glory of God, the Creator of the Universe and giver of life (Romans 3:23). We know nothing, for we were not there when God hung the stars and created the very laws that govern our existence (Job 38).

It’s laughable to pretend that we have any of the answers on our own – and it’s damaging to tell someone who is suffering that his or her sinful life is as good as it gets. No wonder young people in the west are turning to drugs and suicide in unprecedented numbers.

Thankfully, God did make a way for us to return to the right path – through the sacrifice of His son Jesus. While we can’t be perfect and we can’t know best, we can trust in Him, and we can see the evidence of His goodness in our lives.

Don’t seek meaning in worldly pleasure, because it’s bound to leave you unsatisfied and asking more questions. Seek your answers in the Father, and find your meaning in pursuing His will.

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