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What does the ISOW acronym mean?

ISOW stands for International School of the Word.

What is the mission statement of ISOW?
Our mission statement is “Connecting the Word to the World.”
Does ISOW have a statement of faith?
Yes.  You can view our Statement of Faith at
Is ISOW an accredited school?
To deliver quality courses that meet accreditation standards requires meeting the academic prerequisites of both the Federal Department of Education and the accrediting agency. The time frame is established by these agencies, not ISOW.

At the International School of the Word, we are committed to delivering the highest quality education in a clear, succinct, and practical manner – an education that is not only informational, but also transformational.

Can ISOW courses be taken for a Certificate?
ISOW offers certificate-based courses which can be taken à la carte or applied to one of five categories of certification in biblical and ministerial studies. This provides an opportunity for the individual looking for an occasional course for personal study or for a non-accredited program. These courses are offered at a very affordable price.
Does ISOW accept Federal Aid grants (FAFSA)?
The ISOW Certificate Program does not accept FAFSA.
Does ISOW accept credits from other institutions?
ISOW’s Certificate Program is a standalone program and is unable to accept credits from other schools and institutions.
Will ISOW Certificate courses transfer into the future Accreditation Program?
Currently, we are not offering a crossover between the Certificate Program and the Accreditation Program.
Does ISOW have any on-campus courses, or are all the courses online?
ISOW offers on-campus classes called “ISOW Teaching Conferences.” Our Teaching Conferences are conference-style classroom lectures, and all of these teachings will eventually make it online in the form of an ISOW course. These live classes are only taught once each. The ISOW Teaching Conferences’ schedule is posted on
How do I register to take courses?
For questions regarding the registration process, please watch the navigational video at which will demonstrate how to register and login. You can start anytime or in any time zone by simply enrolling and choosing the courses you wish to take. Payment can come in the form of a credit card, a debit card, or a PayPal account.
Is ISOW a video Bible college?
Many of our courses are video-based, but we also offer reading-based online curriculum in a variety of subjects.
What areas of study are offered by ISOW?
We currently offer six categories of study:

  • Books of the Bible
  • Bible Prophecy
  • Topical Bible Studies
  • Bible Languages/Hebraic Roots
  • Theology
  • Personal and Ministry Development
How will ISOW further benefit my walk with God?
ISOW is more than a Bible college or school of ministry.  It is also a mentoring institution with courses designed to foster wisdom and the application of principles for daily living.  ISOW can be used by students who wish to take only a few courses for personal growth and increased knowledge of the Bible, or it can be a great tool for the student wishing to excel in advanced biblical studies.
Does ISOW offer courses in Bible Theology?
The first thing every theologian needs is biblical knowledge.  Theology is a systematic study of God and the Bible.  We offer courses that are classified as theology courses, but every course at ISOW has a Bible-based curriculum.
Who are the teachers at ISOW?
Our teaching staff ranges from five-fold ministry leaders to theologians to scholars to pastors, worship leaders, evangelists, missionaries, and other ministry leaders. Our teachers include those with academic backgrounds ranging from Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Doctoral levels of education, as well as veteran ministers who have traveled the world and gained worldviews from thousands of hours of field experience.  Our teachers are rich in faith, astute in their fields of study, and best of all, still active on the front lines of daily ministry.  We are not just teaching theory; we are teaching what we practice and live out in our daily lives.  At ISOW, you not only get education – you get life experience and wisdom.
Why should I take an online course?
Online courses allow you to work at your own pace and are affordable. In a traditional semester-based school, you must complete your work in the allotted amount of time and under a number of other constraints.  With our online courses, you set the pace for completion and can study from anywhere in the world.
Why should I take an online course?
Online courses allow you to work at your own pace and are affordable. In a traditional semester-based school, you must complete your work in the allotted amount of time and under a number of other constraints.  With our online courses, you set the pace for completion and can study from anywhere in the world.
How much does it cost to take classes at ISOW?
We do not want our students accumulating large debts for their education, so at ISOW, you pay for one course at a time.  The sizes of our courses vary and so do our prices.  All prices are posted on our homepage
What makes ISOW different from other online schools?
Most online schools operate with similar mechanics, but the most notable difference between ISOW and others is our teaching materials. At ISOW, we value the anointing of the Holy Spirit, the gifts of the Holy Spirit, and proven, time-honored theology. We also value revelation knowledge, which we believe is unveiled and revealed by the Holy Spirit. We want to offer depth in biblical studies. You will learn types and shadows, historical context, Jewish roots studies, word studies, and teachings from rabbinical literature.
Does it matter which version of the Bible I read?
You may use the Bible version of your choice. Generally, Scripture is presented in NKJV or KJV within our course materials, but some teachers use other versions in their lectures.
Can I take a break from my studies?
Yes. The ISOW courses are flexible and can be adjusted according to your timetable and specific needs.  If you need to take a break from your studies for a few days, a few weeks, or even a few months, you may do so.
Do ISOW courses have an expiration date?
ISOW certificate courses do not have an expiration date.  You are welcome to take the courses at your own pace.  Courses remain open and students are welcome to review their course anytime. The quizzes, however, are only allowed two attempts.
What study materials, such as paper, electronics, etc., will I need?
You can study directly online; however, if you prefer, you can print your studies. All course outlines are in printable PDF format. The video portions of the courses can only be streamed through an active internet connection. The most important piece of equipment for an online course is a laptop, smartphone, or e-tablet, like an iPad or equivalent.
Are there any hidden fees after enrollment?
In pursuing a Biblical Studies Certificate, there are no fees after enrollment or course purchase.
Could I take a course between semesters at another college?
It is entirely your own decision when you study the course and how you apply it. ISOW’s policy is that every student may study at their own pace; therefore, there is no time restriction for beginning or completing a course.
What is the difference between an ISOW course and products I purchased previously?
Some of the video portions could be the same; however, the outlines and quizzes that accompany the course have been tailored to fit ISOW curriculum.  The benefit of this purchase would be that it can count toward the certificate program of your choice.
Is ISOW owned or sponsored by a denomination?
ISOW is an independent non-profit organization.
FAQ's for Video Speed
  1. How is the video speed changed?
    1. Click on the gear icon located at the bottom of the video screen and select your desired speed.
  2. How many video speed options are there?
    1. 0.5 (half of normal speed)
    2. Normal speed
    3. 1.25x faster than normal speed
    4. 1.5x faster than normal speed
    5. 2x faster than normal speed
  3. Will previous video settings remain when another video is started?
    1. No, it will default back to normal speed each time another lesson video is displayed.
  4. Can the video speed be changed while viewing a video?
    1. Yes, the video speed can be changed anytime when viewing a video.
Can I use ISOW curriculum to teach or share with others?
Whether you run a school of ministry, study the Bible with your family, or teach a small group, ISOW Connect will allow you and your students to study together! For more information, please click HERE.
I am having trouble viewing or printing a downloaded outline.
Our outlines are in PDF format to ensure image quality on all devices and in print. In order to see and print these files, you will need a free PDF viewer. Most computers and devices come with this; however, if you are having trouble you may need to download and install one. We recommend Adobe’s free PDF reader, which can be found at:
Does ISOW offer closed captions for the deaf and hard of hearing?
While ISOW doesn’t have closed captioning at this time, we do offer a handful of reading-only courses that can accommodate the deaf and hard of hearing. These courses include the TL Lowery courses, Old and New Testament Survey, and the Unusual Prophecy courses. Via these courses, a deaf student would have enough courses to earn a Certificate in Bible Prophecy or Books of the Bible.
Does ISOW offer scholarships?
ISOW offers scholarships based on need and availability. To donate to the general scholarship fund, please visit To give to someone you know, please visit If you would like to apply for a scholarship, please visit

You Pick One FAQ

Can I use my You Pick One discount on Bundle Products?
At this time, we are not offering You Pick One discounts on Bundle products that include more than one course.
Can I use my You Pick One discount on Flash Sales or other sales?
You Pick One discounts cannot be combined with other sales.
Can I use my You Pick One discount with other coupons/discounts?
Yes, you may stack different discounts/coupons.
Does my You Pick One discount accrue from month to month?
No, you will need to use your unique discount each month for the savings to apply.
May I use my You Pick One discount on ISOW Connect?
Yes, you may use your discount to purchase an ISOW Connect course.

For a list of common ISOW Connect FAQ, please click HERE.

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