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ISOW Connect FAQ

How can our church or school cover the cost of registration for our students?

Attention: As of 7/14/2020, the pricing model for ISOW Connect leaders has changed. To cut down on the price of larger groups and to make the process simpler for the students, the one-time account registration fee of $25 is no longer required for ISOW Connect students to participate in your group. Now, each ISOW Connect leader simply pays a flat fee of $100 to be registered as a group leader. This means an ISOW Connect group can now be set up with one simple purchase, and students who are not interested in taking ISOW courses individually are no longer required to pay the one-time $25 fee. This does not affect ISOW Connect group leaders who became leaders before this date, nor does it affect students who were already enrolled in their groups.

How do I structure my small group around ISOW Curriculum?

This is customizable and entirely up to you. Here are a few suggestions:

For Video Curriculum:

  1. Assign the videos as homework between each small group meeting, using the meeting time to review and discuss the teaching at length.
  2. Have students print their outline and bring to class. Watch the video together in small group, host group discussion, and assign the quiz questions as homework. You may also wish to utilize the online Discussion Forum to interact about the teaching throughout the week.

For Written/MP3 Curriculum:

  1. Have students print their outlines and bring them to class. You can then read and discuss the material together, assigning the quizzes as homework. You may also wish to have students bring their own laptops and answer the questions together.
  2. Have students read the material before small group and use the small group time primarily for discussion and review.
What about students who don’t have internet?

For students who don’t have internet, we suggest that your church or school of ministry print out the outlines and structure your class in a way that allows these students to participate. If desired, you can provide students with the opportunity to take their quizzes via a computer during or after class.

Do all students receive a certificate and how does this work?

All students who have a registered email can work toward earning a certificate. For more on the Certificate Program and requirements for each certificate, click here.

What if I am already signed up as an individual for a course I want to teach?

At this time, ISOW does not offer a crossover program for current individual students. If you are already enrolled for a course and wish to use it for a small group, it is best to either purchase with yourself as the leader under the ISOW Connect program or register someone else as the group leader. You can still use your individual account to follow along.

Do courses I’ve taken as an individual still count toward a certificate in ISOW Connect?

Yes, any course you have previously completed through ISOW will carry over. The Certificate Program does not distinguish between being registered as an individual or as part of a group.

What will our students’ certificate look like and how do they receive it?

Certificates will be awarded by ISOW and signed by Dr. Bryan Cutshall. They may be printed upon the successful completion of a Certificate Program. To learn more about certificate requirements, click HERE. In addition, you may wish to design and award your students with a branded certificate from your church or school of ministry.

Can I register now and add more students later?

Yes, you are welcome to sign up today as the leader and then return at any time to add students to your group. You may also add students as you grow. There is no minimum or maximum to the number of students you can add.

Can I use the same account from semester to semester or do I need to re-register?

If you are the designated group leader each semester, please feel free to simply add additional students at the $25 rate to your previously registered course.

What happens to the material when we have completed a course?

Courses remain online indefinitely, allowing group leaders and students to access the material at any time

Is ISOW good for staff building?

Yes. ISOW offers great church staff training material such as Vital Signs of a Healthy Church, Building Healthy Church Systems, Marriage and Family, How to Build a Thriving Children’s or Youth Ministry, and so much more!  In addition, ISOW offers a robust theological division that can equip your staff to answer the hard questions regarding matters of faith.

Does ISOW license ministers?

ISOW does NOT license ministers. This must be done by your denomination or affiliated organization. An ISOW certificate, however, will certainly help round out your educational goals toward receiving a license.

What are ISOW’s hours of operation and can I speak to a representative?

ISOW is happy to assist your church or school of ministry in the process of registration or if you need help at anytime in the future. ISOW offices are open 9 am to 5pm, EST, and may be reached at 423-250-5001.

What study materials, such as paper, electronics, etc., will I need?

You can study directly online; however, if you prefer, you can print your studies. All course outlines are in printable PDF format. The video portions of the courses can only be streamed through an active internet connection. The most important piece of equipment for an online course is a laptop, smartphone, or e-tablet, like an iPad or equivalent.

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