Exodus is one of the great epics of Scripture, held in reverence by people around the globe. It’s fascinating because of its relevance to our journey with the Lord and the way He uses an exodus to bring each of us into His divine will. There are three stages to an exodus: the deliverance, the wilderness, and the promised land. Each step holds different challenges and joys, but each stage is provides a crucial foundation for faith.

The Deliverance occurs when the hand of God is evident in a clear, definitive move from your previous circumstances. The effects of this transition affect everything else in your life. Many times, this happens after you’ve prayed for a shift for some time. The answer – the move of God – prepares you for your journey upcoming journey by instilling faith. This stage may not take long, but it has undeniable impact and serves as a source of encouragement and hope.

Although the Wilderness is initially a respite from “Egypt,” it is an arduous place of testing. It may begin with a miracle, but trials soon appear. Amongst the daily trudge through the “desert,” most find it difficult to hear God’s voice or feel His presence. While you might wish for the comforts of Egypt, you must become totally reliant on God. The Lord decides whether or not you are ready to receive your promise based on your maturity and the desires of your heart.

This is typically the longest, most wearisome phase. However, there is no definitive destination. It is your response to the wilderness that determines your journey’s end. You might go back to Egypt, continue to wander the desert and live outside the will of God, or approach the promised land. In any case, God has ordained the destination.

The entrance to the Promised Land can challenge your faith. Some might believe that God’s promise must be a place of immediate peace and prosperity – “flowing with milk and honey” – simply because it is long-awaited. However, just because the Lord has promised something does not mean it will be easily obtained or immediately gratifying. To step into the divine will of God, we will often have to act in an entirely new level of faith and maturity, whether by taking huge risks, giving generously, forgiving someone, or otherwise going against our fleshly nature. This can be daunting, as there are undoubtedly many “giants” in the land, but God will provide the means to defeat them. After these victories, the promised land will no longer be a promise, but a God-ordained reality.

This Passover, remember what God has done and what He will do for His people. No matter where you find yourself, be encouraged that “we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love Him, who have been called according to His purpose” (Romans 8:28). Let this season be one of hope as we remember the faithfulness of God.

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–   Jennifer Ann Turner, Staff Writer

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