Here is what we need from you – Choose from the Following Prompts:• What is your name and what country are you from?• When did you earn your first scholarship with ISOW?• Are you a pastor or someone working in ministry?• What classes have you taken at ISOW?• How has ISOW impacted your life?• Have you been inspired as a result of taking ISOW classes?• Sentiments and Thank You’s
Preparation Tips –• Dress appropriately and avoid logos.• Keep hair pinned out of your face so we can see your lovely smile!• Make sure that there is good lighting where you are planning to film,avoiding any busy backgrounds.• If possible, have someone else assist you with filming and keep the cameraat least a few feet away.• Try filming a few times to see which video turns out to your liking.• When listening to your recording, make sure the sound is clear and that any background noise is kept to a minimum.• Keep the final video anywhere from 30 seconds to 1 minute in length.• Smile!