By Dr. Charles Ruark

When it comes to science, it is beneficial to understand how science works or operates. I have used the words “logic” and “reason” in this article frequently. They are synonymous with the way our brain thinks or produces thoughts.

Science looks for causality. Causality as I understand it began at the beginning of the seventh day of creation when Jesus rested from His work. Causality seeks to explain the present in terms of a series or sequence of past events. The control that our logic exerts over us is quite powerful. Causality is at the root of “how” and “why”. No animal other than us asks how or why this or that came to be. In other words, “What was the cause?”. Self-awareness separates us from the animals. Physics seeks to understand Genesis 1 in terms of causality, and it can’t be done. Everything Jesus did in this time period was supernatural and had no cause as we can understand cause and effect. And so, we encounter what I call or term “apparent causality”. Apparent causality may be understood as false causality.

An example of this phenomenon is baryonic acoustic oscillations. Baryon acoustic oscillations are rings or circles in the heavens that are 500 million light years in radius (150 mpc) that only become visible after statistical analysis of the organization or arrangement of millions of galaxies. This was accomplished between 1997-2002 in what is known as the 2-DFGRS (2-Degree Field Galaxy Redshift Survey). According to the Lambda-CDM model of cosmology, at the time of recombination that occurred about 380,000 years after the Big Bang, these acoustic rings were smaller in diameter than they are today. The diameter of these rings at the time of recombination can be calculated from the CMB (Cosmic Microwave Background) radiation. The difference in diameter of these ancient rings and the diameter of the rings we observe in today’s heavens can be used as a standard ruler to predict the expansion rate of the universe known as the Hubble constant or Hubble parameter. A smaller diameter at the time of recombination means that the universe had to expand faster in order to reach the size of 500 million light years we observe today, and hence a larger Hubble. A larger diameter for the ancient rings would mean a slower expansion and hence a smaller Hubble. The diameter of these ancient rings provide us an early universe Standard Ruler to obtain a value for the Hubble constant based on analysis of the power spectrum of the CMB. The power spectrum of the CMB is obtained by analysis of the CMB provided by data acquired from the Planck Satellite survey. This data is deemed extremely reliable.

However, the exact value of the Hubble has been extremely difficult to determine because what is known as the late universe value calculated by the High-Z Supernovae Search Team in 1995-1998 is greater than 5 sigmas’ of disagreement with the value predicted by the Lambda-CDM cosmological model. In addition to the Standard Ruler described above, the Lambda-CDM model provides a value for the Hubble that is  based on another analysis of the Planck Satellite data that is independent of baryon acoustic oscillations. The two early universe values (67.4 and 67.6 km/sec/mpc respectively) are in close agreement with each other. The late universe value for the Hubble is about 73 km/sec/mpc. The late universe Hubble is based on measurement of the distances from earth of extremely distant Type 1-a supernovae. “Z” refers to redshift. This calculation is also deemed extremely reliable. My personal opinion is that the late universe value for the Hubble constant of 73 km/sec/mpc is the gold standard and that the L-CDM model is in error.

This discrepancy is known as the Hubble tension, and it has created a crisis in modern cosmology. It is extremely important for physics to have a reliable Hubble constant. I have devoted an article to the Hubble tension, but I mention it here as an example of apparent causality or false causality. Although the statistical analysis of the heavens may have produced a statistical bump on a graph corresponding to a believed baryon acoustic oscillation at radius 150 mpc, it is not real in the sense that it actually represents a confirmation of the epoch of recombination which is a critical element of the Lambda CDM model. Rather, this statistically produced bump is the byproduct of Creation that we read about in Genesis 1. Isaiah tells us in many verses (40:22, 42:5, 44:24, 48:13) that the Lord expanded the heavens and the rings of the 2-DFGRS are simply a statistical byproduct of the Lord’s expansion of the heavens. The hypothesized ancient rings had no actual existence nor do the rings produced by a statistical analysis of the heavens. Evidence of this is the 5-sigma discrepancy existing between the late universe Hubble constant and the early universe Hubble constant. This is a classic example of apparent or false causality.

Below I want to elaborate on this inherent byproduct of the Creation that I term apparent causality. Science rejects God as the cause of things and so it inevitably becomes an Anti-Christ worldview (religion) that brings the full force of human logic against the Bible, especially Genesis 1-3 but also the miracles of the New Testament, even one of which if it was true would prove beyond a doubt the validity of all of Scripture.

I think it important to remember that Jesus created causality. Our reality consists of a natural flow of events creating memories and of natural causes creating effects. This will not change with the Millennium or New Creation.

So, when science encounters a universe mostly created by God (we have built bridges and TV’s etc.), it inappropriately applies the law of Cause and Effect to a supernaturally created finished product or memory known as our  universe. Evolution and the Big Bang are science’s attempt to understand the universe by means of  natural cause and human logic as opposed to faith. Apparent causality is a false causality created by human logic that is based on scientific experiment and theory. This false causality seems logical, real, and convincing because it explains its effect in a thoroughly logical, real, and convincing manner. However, although the effect is real,  the cause is not real because it didn’t happen. This is because there was no cause as we can understand cause to the effects/or memories/or outputs (your choice) that occurred during the six days of creation described in Genesis 1. I will elaborate on this during the filming by giving examples.

When you see a wrecked vehicle on a wrecker, you know a wreck occurred. Thus, our reasoning works beautifully for the events of everyday life, i.e., for that which Jesus designed it for. But when science extrapolates human reason to explain that for which it was never designed to explain, science arrives at the false paradigms of biological evolution and the Big Bang that have become the doctrines of an Anti-Christ religion known as Science. I call this sinful logic because had humanity not sinned, this kind of reasoning would never have existed. It is the result of our disobedience.

When one studies science as I have, one begins to understand that our trust in natural cause and effect to arrive at a “Theory of Everything” is an inevitable consequence of sin. Our sin makes us doubt the supernatural power that Jesus employed to create the universe. Below is an essay on how Jesus might build a house as opposed to how we would build a house. It highlights a fundamental property of our reality that arises from our God given free will. We can doubt God. By means of granting us the ability to reason, i.e., human logic, Jesus has granted us the ability to invoke natural causes producing natural effects to explain the creation of the universe by means of the laws of physics without acknowledgement of Him as Creator.

Therefore, on the surface, natural explanations seem quite reasonable and verifiable by many supporting experiments and much data. However, when carefully scrutinized, natural causality cannot remotely explain the existence of our universe. One has to look no further than the amazing constants of nature that physics must employ in their equations to perform their calculations. The equations of physics could not exist without these constants. These constants must be measured experimentally or calculated using other constants. There are over 40 of these constants. Depending on what you read, there are about 23 to 26 numbers that account for the fundamental constants of nature. The important point is not the absolute number of these constants, but that physics has no explanation as to why their values are what they are. These constants are fixed. The obvious question is who or what fixed them? If any of these constants were of a different value, life in our universe could not exist.

Take the equation α = ε0e2/ ħc where α is the fine structure constant (FSC).

 α is a dimensionless quantity. Its numerical value, approximately 0.0072973525 or 1/137.036, is independent of measurement systems. It is a pure number. All the units of measure cancel out, regardless of what measurement system is used. α equals approximately 1/137. Notice the number of fundamental constants needed to calculate this amazing number. Each one of the constants used in the calculation of α must be determined experimentally. α could be the most mysterious number in all physics, perhaps in the whole of science. It is a seemingly totally random number that has no units of measurement associated with it; whereas, almost all other physical constants come with units of measurements as you can see from the constants needed in the equation. This pure number (1/137) is necessary for life to exist in our universe. It is found in many of the most important equations of physics. If it had another value significantly different than 1/137 life could not exist. The equations of physics that it is used in could not exist without it. Who or what fixed the values of the above fundamental constants of nature in order to create this mysterious dimensionless fundamental constant?

Physics has no answer to this question other than to invoke the existence of an infinite number of co-existing universes, i.e., the Multiverse. The necessity for a Multiverse and the invocation of the Anthropic Principle are inevitable consequences of human reasoning when it sinfully uses natural cause to replace the existence of God.

Science’s sinful use of natural cause is highlighted by the somewhat humorous but at the same time extremely serious essay seen below. It is an analogy demonstrating the disastrous consequences that causality produces if wrongly employed. Apparent causality leads us to the wrong conclusions about the reliability of Genesis 1-3.

Please consider Hebrews 3:3-4.

For He has been counted worthy of more glory than Moses, by just so much as the builder of the house has more honor than the house.
—Hebrews 3:3-4 NASB

Essay on the Improper Application of Causality

When you see a house (the memory) it is logical to assume it is the result of a series of natural events, i.e., the building of the house.

The house that Jesus built in Genesis 1 was the universe. He did not build the universe through a series of natural events beginning with what is known as the Big Bang otherwise it would have taken Him 13.8 billion years. He did it through 6 supernatural outputs (divine Memories, Thoughts, or Words–your choice as to which works best for you) better known as the 6 days of creation as described in the first chapter of Genesis.

Let’s draw an analogy. Consider the construction of a beautiful house which will be analogous to the universe Jesus created. Jesus will be known as the Contractor from now on. On day 1 the Contractor lays the foundation of the house. Since this is your house that he is building for you, you arrive a week later to see a beautiful perfectly laid foundation. You are surprised that it was finished so quickly. You assume without any discussion that many workers, a lot of concrete, and many hours were involved in the construction of the foundation. But in actuality it only took the Contractor exactly 1 twenty-four-hour day because he spoke your foundation into existence. However, without any discussion you can see that you have indeed employed a superb Contractor, so you leave the framing in his hands, and you tell him you have several trips planned both business and pleasure. He tells you not to worry. He has it under control. He says for you to take your trips and trust me. He will build you a superb house.

So, you return from your first trip to check on his work. He does not object and you see a beautiful framing job. The walls and roof (no shingles as of yet) are up and your house is secure from the rain and wind. The insulation wrap is on the house. Again, you assume many workers and many hours of work and a lot of wood. But in actuality the Contractor spoke the framing into existence without any help and it only took Him exactly 1 twenty-four-hour day.

You are so satisfied/thrilled with how the work is progressing that after a brief discussion you entrust him with the remainder of all the details of your house. You have a several month trip to Europe planned and then on to Asia. You return about a year later to find your beautiful house waiting for you with a perfect driveway and manicured lawn. It is also fully furnished, decorated, and equipped with all the latest appliances. It’s about 10,000 square feet in the interior with a 4-car garage. The driveway alone is 5,000 square feet of inlaid stones. There’s a large gunite pool in the backyard and three beautiful composite decks and a pool deck along with an expensive grill run off of natural gas. In the front yard there are three pin oaks that weren’t there before you left on your trip that are about 30 feet tall. They look like they are at least 25 years old. How could that be? Inside, the hardwood flooring, mirrors, fireplaces, plumbing fixtures, showers, bathtubs, cabinets, and granite counter tops take your breath away. There are 7 bathrooms supplied by a tankless water heater. The walls are adorned with beautiful paintings both oils and watercolor and they look like originals. How could that be? It is everything you hoped it would be and so much more. You can only imagine the number of craftsmen, electricians, workers, and artists that it took to complete such a project, not to mention the building materials including all the furnishings. The house has the look and feel of a structure that is at least a year old if not older.

But in actuality it only took the Contractor exactly (4) 24-hour days more of time to complete his task because he spoke your house into existence supernaturally. The Contractor as a matter of fact tells you that he built your house in (6) 24-hour days and that it’s construction had long since been completed. He provides you with a reasonably detailed description/account of the work done on each day, but he doesn’t tell you how he did it in such a short period of time. He presents to you his bill of five million dollars which you think is very reasonable for the work done. You move in and find that “everything” works perfectly. He gives you 90 days to pay.

Later some very smart prideful people who, for reasons of their own, come along and tell you that his account was a lie. According to them, it actually took a year to build your house and the Contractor didn’t do it after all. They bring to bear all sorts of powerful evidence to substantiate their claim and knowing what you know about construction, it does seem impossible that your house could really have been constructed in 6 literal days. They conclusively demonstrate that no building materials were ever purchased by the Contractor. No furnishings were ever purchased either. However, there is also no record of any craftsman or workers being hired either that would have supported their claim. Rather, they support their claim with a Theory about building called Evolution which declares that given enough time (about a year) the house could have built itself, no matter how unlikely it seems. At first this Theory seems quite preposterous but genius after genius piles on and calls the Contractor a liar. The existence of your house is a fact, and it is also a fact you were gone most of the time. You never actually saw him build anything, but you never saw any workers either. Nevertheless, you begin to doubt the veracity of your Contractor and also his very existence. Maybe he’s dead. Left out of this story is the fact that you grievously sinned against him. You didn’t pay your bill and he is having nothing more to do with you. In fact, he has promised to return at some point in the future and punish you severely unless you apologize for calling him a liar and pay your bill to the last cent including accrued interest, which you know you cannot pay because you have gone bust financially. In addition, he says that when he returns he will punish all those who have called him a liar. My essay is ended.

In summary, when one sees a finished product like a house, car, computer, etc., because of the way our reasoning works, it is logical to assume a prior series of events leading up to the finished product. However, Jesus creates finished products instantaneously, whether it be plants, animals, humans, or the universe. Although on the surface there may seem to be irrefutable evidence for biological evolution or the Big Bang, a closer examination of these paradigms always reveals insoluble mysteries (like the number 1/137 or the DNA code) and absurdities (like the Multiverse). What this demonstrates is the fundamental failure of human reasoning to account for the existence of the universe apart from the existence of a supernatural Creator.