International School of the Word offers a wide variety of online Bible studies, but some of our most popular content revolves around the Jewish roots of the Christian faith. To some, this may seem like a largely irrelevant topic for the modern church, but we would argue the opposite – the further we stray from our cultural roots, the more important it is to remember them so we understand how we got to where we are.

Several of our instructors, notably Bill Cloud and Perry Stone, are experts in the Hebrew language and culture that form not only a large portion of the Christian Bible, but also a significant amount of the history and context necessary for understanding it.

Our Hebraic Roots Division, with courses ranging from Hebraic Customs and Traditions to the Festivals of Israel to the Greek and Hebrew languages, is focused on teaching the deep connection between the Christian faith and the Jewish Messiah. Although the Messiah came to both His own people and the Gentiles, it’s important to remember that He is ultimately a Jew and a fulfillment of thousands of years of Jewish faith and heritage. Many Christians are deeply influenced by Catholic, Protestant, and Evangelical traditions that lead us to interpret Scripture from a western perspective. With this in mind, studying Scripture from a Hebraic perspective does not discount or belittle the modern Christian faith, but it can enlighten us and give more context to what we understand about our own customs and understandings of what God says in the Bible.

Often, Christians forget that Jesus was the Jewish Messiah who brought a message of liberty to the people of Israel – people who needed to be set free from the bondage of sin more than the Roman empire. Many of the Jews then rejected Jesus because He did not accomplish what they hoped He would, and today, many believers likewise may expect Jesus to conform to their ideas rather than the Lord’s.

Whether you want to learn how to read the original Hebrew texts of the Old Testament for yourself, understand Jewish teachings on the Torah, or hear about what it means to exist in the New Covenant, our Hebraic Roots Division and its Online Bible Certificate can help you gain a deeper understanding of your faith and God’s design.

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