Date: February 22nd and 23rd

 9:30 AM – 5:00 PM ET each day



As a faith that spans the whole world and is inclusive to peoples of all backgrounds and nationalities, Christianity has a rich and culturally expansive history. In the 2000 years since Christ’s advent, the church has developed from a collection of disciples and eyewitnesses to a diverse, multinational force of influence, culture, and ideas. There are almost countless denominations – with some estimates including tens of thousands of unique organizations. With traditions that many of us take for granted and such a wide array of practices, doctrines, and beliefs, it’s imperative that we trace our heritage and learn about the origins of what we believe. Why does your church do the things it does, and how did humanity play a role in shaping Christianity as it appears today? Join Dr. Michael Reynolds in a comprehensive deep dive of 2000 years of the church and how we arrived at our current state.

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