The Millennial Temple Course and Products are Here!

ISOW recently filmed one of the most fascinating, one of a kind teachings on the Millennial Temple of Christ. Digitally constructed according to the elaborate description in the book of Ezekiel, this teaching unveils the Messiah’s home during the Millennial Reign  – down to the most minute details.

We can now tour the home of the Messiah and visualize the protocols of His temple with advanced 3D modeling. Join a fascinating group of experts, theologians, and scholars who will teach on one of the most enigmatic subjects in the Bible – The Millennial Reign of Christ.

* Online course and e-notebook available worldwide.
* Physical products available for shipping in US and Canada only.

Sample Clip

Sample Clip

* Regular Course Price – $200
There is a one-time registration fee of $25 for new students, added to the selection/purchase of your first course.
* Students who purchase courses receive lifetime access and
can use them to work toward earning an ISOW certificate.

Prefer to Have
The Millennial Temple
Teaching on DVD?

Would you prefer to experience The Millennial Temple teaching on DVD? This 8 disc set includes the Millennial Temple Expedition video as well as all 16 lessons from The Millennial Temple teaching.

* DVD Price – $99.99
* DVD does NOT count for course credit.

Would you like the e-Notebook from the
Millennial Temple Teaching Conference?

The e-Notebook is a downloadable PDF file of the slides (4 per page) that are shown during the teaching conference.

* e-Notebook – $30

Want the Millennial Temple Expedition Only? 

Come see through Ezekiel’s eyes as ISOW takes you through a detailed virtual reconstruction of the Millennial Temple in a dramatized recreation of the prophet’s experience. ISOW’s 3D rendered Temple is a unique visualization you won’t find anywhere else, meticulously crafted by leading experts over the span of years. Catch a glimpse of the future – take an expedition into the heart of Christ’s home for the Millennium.


Sample Clip

Sample Clip

* Expedition Price – $35
* Available on DVD and USB
* Does not count toward course credit.

Interested in the Millennial Temple Photo Book?

The book of Ezekiel gives an elaborate description of the Millennial Temple, the Messiah’s home during the Millennial Reign. For the first time, experts have come together to faithfully and meticulously reconstruct the design down to the last detail. See through Ezekiel’s eyes in these high quality renderings of the Millennial Temple. Now, with this photo book, you can hold these images in your hand and have a piece of the future in your own home!

* Photo Book Price – $30
* Hardbound cover, 8″ x 6″, 42 pages total

Would You Like a Millennial Temple Print?

These professional prints of an aerial view of the Millennial Temple come rolled in a plastic sleeve housed in cardboard packaging, ready to unroll and frame!


* 3 Sizes Available
* 10″L x 8″ H – $25
* 20″L x 16″H – $50
* 36″L x 24″H – $75