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Bows and Arrows is a book about mentoring and raising up the next generation. Psalm 127 describes the younger generation as arrows to be launched forward toward the enemies at the gate, while the older generation represents the bows that launch and guide them there. The value of the bow is in its ability to flex and bend. The value of the arrow is in it its ability to be guided, take instruction, and not be easily offended when corrected.
In Bows and Arrows, Dr. Bryan Cutshall demonstrates the power and synergy of multigenerational ministries. Peter was the oldest disciple and John was the youngest disciple, and the two of them formed an iconic team in Scripture. The Bible says they “ran together” to the tomb when Martha told them what she saw. Multigeneration teams have always been the most powerful teams in the world. From Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, to Moses and Joshua, to Elijah and Elisha, all the way to the present day, multigenerational teams have the advantage of both wisdom and speed. Wisdom and speed are still the keys to resurrection moments if we can just understand that we need to run together through teaming up, mentoring, coaching, and synergizing.
Bows and Arrows is a pragmatic guide to building strong, effective, multigenerational teams, with many biblical and modern examples and practical advice that teaches you how to get there.

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