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The Greek language is one of the oldest surviving languages. Its biblical significance stems from the fact that much of the New Testament was first written in Greek. Around the turn of the century, Hebrew had become relatively obscure and outdated. Greek was widespread and the new language of scholarship, which is why New Testament authors chose to write with it. A well-rounded understanding of the New Testament can be fertilized by a grasp of biblical Greek terms and concepts.


In this course, Dr. French Arrington presents the basics of Koine Greek, expanding on the alphabet and history from 101 and introducing more grammatical constructs. While mastery of any language takes hard work and years of grueling study, this course will help you begin to read the New Testament in its original language after only a few short hours.


This course requires J. Gresham Machen’s 2nd Edition of New Testament Greek for Beginners, but you can visit ISOW’s “Free Resources” section to find a public domain version of the book to get you started.