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In any deep study of Scripture, God’s handiwork as a master storyteller and composer emerges from the deeply complex patterns of the Bible. Spanning many centuries and many authors, God’s Word is packed full of rich mysteries that only become clear and consistent with the whole context of the Bible in mind. His divine signature is evident in the way the Bible repeats the same messages and concepts through vastly different circumstances in the history of the patriarchs, Israel, and the apostles.


Join Perry Stone and Dr. Bryan Cutshall for a unique and intriguing deep dive into elements of Scripture you have never seen discussed in this way. This course, a follow-up to Types and Shadows of Scripture, takes a more focused look at the patterns of Bible prophecy and the types and shadows that have yet to unfold. Based on the intricate groundwork God has already laid over thousands of years, we can know with confidence how He means to fulfill the promises of His Word!