Jew and Gentile and the One New Man – Online Group Course

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For many centuries, the Christian church has been seen as entirely distinct and separate from the Jewish faith. In recent years, however, many believers have opened their eyes to the fact that our faith shares more than cultural connections to Hebraic roots. The Jewish heritage of the Christian faith isn’t something to be tossed aside, and the Torah is no less relevant to followers of Christ than it was to Jews who worshipped in Solomon’s Temple. Jesus died for Jew and Gentile, but a gap has separated us for much of history. The One New Man is a concept that brings together the Hebraic roots of faith in YHWH and the grace of salvation through Yeshua. Rather than treating Christianity as an entirely separate faith from Judaism, we are called to honor the Feasts of the Lord, respect God’s established calendar, and honor Jesus for who He is, not as a westernized interpretation. Join ISOW instructor Bill Cloud in learning how we can properly integrate Hebraic heritage and reconcile differences between Jew and Gentile.