Prophetic Developments in Saudi Arabia – Online Group Course

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This course is taught by New York Times bestselling author and film maker Joel Richardson, internationally known for his research on Bible prophecy and the Middle East. In this course, he delves into several aspects of prophecy as they correlate to contemporary news in the Middle East, especially Saudi Arabia. In these exclusive tapings recorded at Omega Center International in front of a live audience, Joel Richardson speaks on topics such as Mystery Babylon, the probable real location of Mount Sinai, the future procession of Christ, and common misconceptions of Middle Eastern history. Learn about how modern politics, archaeological discoveries, and geography are shaping what we understand about Bible prophecy.

Course Lessons
  • Consistency in Prophetic Interpretation
  • Mystery Babylon | Part One
  • Mystery Babylon | Part Two
  • The Real Mount Sinai | Part One
  • The Real Mount Sinai | Part Two
  • Procession of Messiah | Part One
  • Procession of Messiah | Part Two
  • The Real Mount Sinai | Part Three
  • The Real Mount Sinai | Part Four
  • Nimrod Narrative | Part One
  • Nimrod Narrative | Part Two