Witnessing to Muslims – Online Course Bundle


Understanding Islam

One of the most pressing issues contemporary Christian culture faces is figuring out how to think about, respond to, and love Arabic and Islamic people groups. Matthew 5:44 says to “Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you.” True love is rooted in understanding. Therefore, learning more about how Islam operates and what Muslims believe will put Christians in an improved position to love people that are very different from themselves. This course is facilitated by an individual who was raised in a Muslim home but was converted to Christianity as an adult after a near-death supernatural experience.

Islam - Knowledge vs Fear

Islam is hugely influential on the world today, with hundreds of millions of Muslims around the world. As Islam is often associated with violent terror attacks, totalitarian regimes, and brutal customs, it is easy for believers to fear Muslims. Although the concern is not unfounded, Christians should not be content to merely cower in fear of Islam and its adherents. Knowledge is a powerful tool and weapon, and knowing what Islam really teaches can help Christians understand and reach Muslims. Join instructor Sam Daniels, a former Muslim, as he details the biggest theological tenets of Islam, contradictions in the Quran, questions that Muslims cannot answer, and ways to reach Muslims.

From Deception to the Truth, From Allah to God - Book by Haitham Besmar

When it comes to truth, there are many people and religions which claim they have it. The truth about truth is that truth is only found in Jesus Christ; He is Truth. From Deception to the Truth, From Allah to God is a book about the journey one Muslim took to come to the knowledge that Jesus Christ is truth, and He is Emmanuel - God with us. You will be blessed by this book and you will learn how to share truth with everyone.
- Rev. K. Andy Garber MBA, MDIV

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This pair of courses on Islam, taught by former Muslim Haitham Besmar (also known as Sam Daniels), have never been more relevant. Islam plays a significant role in cultures around the world, even where it is not the dominant religion. In order to reach large swathes of the global population for Christ, it is imperative for believers to understand Islam, its deceptions, and God’s ability to overcome the lies and redeem Muslims. Hear the incredible story of a Muslim who came to Christ and see a glimpse into the Islamic world from the inside in this awesome set of teachings. This bundle also includes Haitham Besmar’s book and personal testimony, From Deception to the Truth, From Allah to GodEnroll today!

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From Deception to the Truth, From Allah to God - Book by Haitham Besmar

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