Demonology – DVD


Perry Stone looks through the Bible and history to answer tough questions about the origins of evil, Satan, and demons.

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This course is a study of subjects such as evil, Satan, and demons, examining many world views and religious beliefs but focusing on the final authority of the Bible. Instructor Perry Stone attempts to answer questions about where demons come from, their origins, and what the Bible says about their existence and interaction with the world. In this course, you will go through Hebrew and Greek word studies on evil and a theological exposé on the role of the devil in the Old and New Testaments. Further, Perry Stone gives encouraging and enlightening advice regarding the authority of the believer in spiritual matters and how believers are to interact with the spiritual world.

*This DVD album includes 4 discs.
*CD’s, DVD’s, and USB’s do not count toward course credit.
*If you would like course credit, please check out the corresponding online course.
*When you purchase a CD, DVD, or USB, a discount toward the online course will be sent with your product should you decide you would like to take the course for credit.

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