Ephesians in Depth – DVD


Perry Stone teaches about the Roman Empire, warfare strategies of Bible times, and how Paul applies that knowledge to fighting spiritual battles.

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This course will take you through a quick review of the Armor of God teaching and then will go much more into details about the Roman Empire, Roman warfare strategy and techniques used in fighting battles in that era. The sets, scenes, and teaching tools are elaborate in this course.  You will learn about spiritual warfare while surrounded by armor, chariots, weaponry, shields and authentic antiquities. The warfare passages in Ephesians will be unveiled and will come to life in your spirit on this teaching canvas of sight, sound, and life-sized props. You will take away knowledge about fighting spiritual battles, which will allow you and others to live victoriously.

*This DVD album includes 7 discs.
*CD’s, DVD’s, and USB’s do not count toward course credit.
*If you would like course credit, please check out the corresponding online course.
*When you purchase a CD, DVD, or USB, a discount toward the online course will be sent with your product should you decide you would like to take the course for credit.

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