Millennial Temple – Online Group Course

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The book of Ezekiel gives an elaborate description of the Millennial Temple, the Messiah’s home during the Millennial Reign. For the first time ever, experts have come together to faithfully construct this temple in a digital format, accurate to Ezekiel’s description down to the most minute details. We can now tour the home of the Messiah and visualize the protocols of His temple with advanced 3D modeling. Join a fascinating group of experts, theologians, and scholars who will teach on one of the most enigmatic subjects in the Bible – The Millennial Reign of Christ.
Course Lessons
  • The Millennial Temple Expedition – A Short Film Documentary.
  • 01- The Day of the Lord
  • 02- New Things in the Millennial Kingdom
  • 03- Introduction and Approach to the Temple
  • 04- The Temple Tour | Part 1
  • 05- The Temple Tour | Part 2
  • 06- The Temple Tour | Part 3
  • 07- The Healing River of God
  • 08- Medical Explanations for Millennial Bodies
  • 09- The Levitical Priesthood
  • 10- Holy Kitchens
  • 11- The Millennial Sacrifices
  • 12- The Finale of God
  • 13- The Sons of Zadok
  • 14- God Dwells with Man
  • 15- A Kingdom of Priests
  • 16- The Veilless Temple

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