Through his years of ministry, Perry has devoted himself to the unending study of God’s Word. As a result, God has greatly blessed him with deep, revelatory insight rarely heard elsewhere in the world. Of his many assignments, the exposition and revelation of God’s Word have been the driving force for Perry’s public ministry.

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Online Courses Taught by Perry Stone

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Teachings Available in CD or DVD Form

If you would prefer to enjoy Perry’s teachings in CD or DVD format, we have several teachings available!
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About Perry’s Ministry

Internationally known evangelist Perry Stone is a fourth-generation minister of the Gospel. He directs the Voice of Evangelism in Cleveland, Tennessee, and has founded many ministries, including the International School of the Word (ISOW). At age sixteen, Perry began preaching, and after graduating from high school, he continued his education through the Lee University extension program in Cleveland, Tennessee, later earning a B.A. in Theology through Covenant Life Christian College. Perry holds a D.Lit (Humane Letters) from  United States University, a Doctor of Philosophy in Christian Studies from St. Thomas-a-Becket Episcopal Synod (Canterbury, England), and a Doctor of Divinity from Saint Thomas Christian College.

Perry was conducting record-breaking revivals by age twenty-three and has been a guest speaker at many national and international church camp meetings and conferences ever since. He continues to conduct conferences nationally and hosts a yearly International Prophetic Summit in the spring, a fall gathering known as The Main Event, and other conferences throughout the year. Recognized for his anointed and informative preaching, Perry has breached denominational barriers and found attentive listeners from every religious background, while also traveling and ministering the gospel around the world.

A noted bestselling author, Perry has written over a hundred books and booklets, 40 plus gospel songs, and printed over a million-word commentary of both the Old and New Testaments. He writes and publishes a bi-monthly magazine, The Voice of Evangelism, sent nationally in the US and internationally. Many of his teachings and sermons can be viewed on “Manna-Fest,” his Facebook page, and YouTube channel.