Book of Exodus

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Exodus is the story of faithfulness as God reveals Himself by freeing the enslaved children of Israel – a book of freedom, struggle, and the sustaining power of God. Parting the Red Sea, fleeing from the Egyptian army, and surviving in the desert, Moses is able to lead the Israelites from the persecution of Pharaoh into their journey to the Promised Land. Exodus illuminates the faithfulness of God and how He fulfills His promises.

Course Lessons
  • Chapters 1-2
  • Chapters 3-4
  • Chapters 5-6
  • Chapters 7-9
  • Chapters 10-12
  • Chapters 13-14
  • Chapters 15-17
  • Chapters 18-19
  • Chapters 20-22
  • Chapters 23-24
  • Chapter 25
  • Chapter 26
  • Chapters 27-28
  • Chapters 29-30
  • Chapters 31-34
  • Chapters 35-38
  • Chapters 39-40

Introduction to The Book of Exodus