About Topical Studies Online Courses

The Topical Studies Division at International School of the Word is home to a diverse range of online courses. With in-depth studies of topics such as worship, healing, Islam, and the history of the Bible, this division can teach you on a wide array of niche topics you won’t be able to find elsewhere. The curriculum in this division is perfect for Bible studies with your small group or electives for your ISOW Certificate.

Our certificate structure allows students to take courses at their leisure and at an affordable cost. All of our certificates require electives, but you get to choose the subject that interests you. To learn more about earning an ISOW Certificate, visit https://isow.org/certificate/.

ISOW continues to develop and teach relevant curriculum to equip students around the world. Whether you choose to take one course or many, ISOW is here to help you succeed in understanding the Bible. Studying online allows you the flexibility to learn from home or from anywhere with internet access. You can earn an ISOW Certificate for a fraction of the cost of even one course at a brick and mortar institution. With immediate online access and start-up costs beginning at as little as $45, there is nothing to hold you back from pursuing your dreams of a biblical education. Register today and begin your course immediately. To start the process, simply choose your first course and follow the prompts to check out. You may also watch the navigational videos at https://isow.org/help/. We look forward to having you as an ISOW student. If you need further assistance in getting started, please call 423-250-5001, M-F, 9am to 5pm.