Pastoral Epistles

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The Pastoral Epistles, each addressed to young ministers, are some of the Apostle Paul’s most intimate writings. In the books of 1 & 2 Timothy and Titus, Paul gives personal advice and encouragement to individuals he was mentoring in the faith. For pastors today, these letters are rich with valuable insight from the New Testament’s most prolific author.


Join Pastor Adam Bower as he delves into the doctrine and the applications we can glean from these epistles today.

Course Lessons
  • Introduction I Timothy 1
  • I Timothy 1-2
  • I Timothy 3-4
  • I Timothy 5
  • I Timothy 6
  • II Timothy 1-2
  • II Timothy 2-3
  • II Timothy 4
  • Titus 1
  • Titus 2